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  1. All potential members must be 18 yrs and over

  2. Speak and type in english

  3. Must be respectful to other players ( smack talking is perfectly acceptable ) If you don't know the difference between smack talk and being a jackass. Your not welcome here!


Game list
  • Nova Logic Delta Force Black Hawk Down and Team Sabre
  • Nova Logic Joint Operations and Escalation
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • Unreal Tournaments *all versions 
  • Halo
  • Metro 2033
  • Just Cause 2
  • Sims 2&3
  • Left 4 Dead 1&2
  • Killing Floor
  • Serious Sam *all versions
  • And many more
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                Welcome to Absolute and HappyThoughts 

This is a site for non-cheating adult gamers who play the same games to find eachother.
This is not a squad or clan so all players are welcome regardless of their gaming affiliation. 

Video of the week

Game servers on the way

Absolute-NNS-, Jun 4, 10 1:44 PM.
Currently absandhappygames are pricing servers for various games.
  •  We're looking for #1 speed, the servers can not be laggy and will be based out of chicago.   
  • #2 professional service, the provider must have a 24/7 support line. We will not settle for a ticket or email system.

 Once we find a provider that meets our needs we'll start off with 3 or 4 servers and move on from there.  

*UPDATE 6/28/10*
                                                We have purchased three servers:
          Game Name                                         # of slots                                          Server Name
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked                      20                                        absandhappygames
Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre          32                                        absandhappygames 
Unreal Tournament 3                                           20                                        absandhappygames
 Pending on the response we get with these servers, we will add more.

Gaming NEWS

Absolute-NNS-, Dec 24, 09 7:12 PM.
Coming in the very near future is the long awaited Angel Falls . Hopefully it's worth the nearly 3 year extended wait.

  Numbnuts BHD server (32 slots) and website (  They have very friendly members, allow glitching and 203's are off.  But beware swearing/racist comments are not tolerated and will get you banned.
 EXM BHD server (24 slots)  Also have a very friendly group of members and top notch map makers. Their server has full weapons and do not allow glitching/swearing/racist comments.

absandhappygames BHDTS server (32 slots) All weapons including flashbangs and smoke. Two rules No Cheats and No Glitching (left lean is allowed). Friendly fire and clays are always on for realistic combat. The pinger IP

13 DAYS IN HELL is a offsite link in the arcade that really appealed to me I find myself playing this 1st person shooter over and over again. There's nothing great about the graphics, just a fun shoot the hell out of them game.

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